Saturday, January 30, 2010

California: Patisserie Chantilly (Lomita)

Our second day of free time in California, we spent our time in and about Lomita. There were several stops on our list that day: Patisserie Chantilly, Ichimiann Bamboo Garden, Gaja Moc, Mitsuwa Marketplace, and Shin-sen-gumi. I’m only going to post about one eatery at a time though. =)

Our first stop was Gaja Moc, since it was right next to Patisserie Chantilly. I thought we could get okomomiyaki for lunch and then have some dessert right next door. Sadly Gaja Moc wasn’t open when we arrived, so we went straight to dessert (next time I’m noting hours/days of operation).

Patisserie Chantilly, just like Jin Patisserie, is touted as a fusion of Japanese and French desserts. True, it seems like an odd combination, but the outcome is truly oishii! We were greeted as we walked in the front door by this sight:


I was truly awestruck by the beautiful presentation of each and every dessert in the display case. If I had my druthers, I would have bought one of each dessert; however we had a pretty full eating schedule ahead of us (we had more places we wanted to eat, than actual meals per day) so we only indulged in two pieces each.

Wilson chose to order a Mont Blanc. It had swirls of chestnut paste which gently wrapped their signature Chantilly cream with chestnuts imported from Japan inside.


I’m a sucker for strawberries, so I ordered a Mont Fraise. It’s a strawberry mousse on a crispy tart with milk jelly, strawberries and cream. We also picked up a mini cheese bar, which is basically a piece of creamy cheesecake in bite sized stick form (it’s next to my Mont Fraise). ^_^


Patisserie Chantilly’s cream puffs are delicious! The cream is light and delicate and since they are filled to order, the pate a chou stays light and flaky. We passed on purchasing a chocolate cream puff, but we bought one black sesame cream puff and one filled with their Chantilly crème, which is more of a vanilla crème.


I especially loved the black sesame cream puff as the black sesame added a delicate nutty flavor to the cream! Now if only I can figure out a way to have them ship the cream puffs to Florida… *schemes*

Patisserie Chantilly
2383 Lomita Blvd.
Lomita, CA
(310) 257-9454
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