Monday, January 25, 2010

Boynton Diner (Boynton Beach)


The story goes that my boyfriend randomly passed this diner one day and saw a sign advertising “Seafood Quiche.” Clearly this was not to be missed, so he made a mental note of it and came back with friends another day. Then he noticed a sign that said “cash only,” which meant he would have to yet again, make a return visit to the restaurant since he only had a credit card on him.

So…what I assume to be months later, when my boyfriend first started dating me, he brought me to the Boynton Diner for breakfast. We’ve been frequenting the establishment ever since. The prices are quite affordable and the only downsides of the place are that they are cash only and are only open until 3pm everyday.

It tends to get really busy Saturday and Sunday mornings, so be prepared for a slight wait if you come during peak hours. On this day, we arrived slightly later in the day around 2pm for lunch. We quickly were seated and we promptly divvied up the condiments between the two of us as so:

It’s kind of funny how our condiments (Mmm, strawberry ^_^ ) are mutually exclusive…but onwards to the rest of the post! This sign caught my boyfriend’s attention:


So, of course, he ordered the prime rib with hash browns and whole wheat toast with a side order of grits.


The prime rib was cooked very well and the meat was flavorful and tender. The whole wheat toast was AMAZING! It had grains and seeds actually strewn about in the bread itself, how awesome is that? I can count on my hand, the number of times I have eaten grits in my lifetime, so I’m not really an authority on grits. My boyfriend likes to eat them plain, but I found that sort of bland (he said he enjoyed them better that way). I liked them with a pinch of salt though, I felt as if it really brought out the flavor a bit more. The hash browns were how hash browns should be, crispy on the outside and delicious within.

I ordered the “2 eggs and fried catfish” platter with home fries, sourdough toast, and a side of potato salad.


The catfish was delicious. It didn't have that strong fishy aftertaste that is often associated with catfish and often turns a lot of people off to the dish. The toast was decent, but I honestly wish I had ordered whole grain like my boyfriend. The potato salad was your standard homemade version, nothing to write home about though. The home fries...don't get me started on those home fries, I'm having cravings for them right now! They were wonderful, perfectly seasoned and the slight char gave them a bit of this great smoky flavor. Mmmm...

His prime rib was $13 and my catfish was $8, not too shabby for lunch/brunch in my opinion. On the way out I always grab some dum dums for us, they always have some by the cash register. I’m a sucker for lollipops…

Boynton Diner is always a great place to grab breakfast or brunch. You can’t really beat their prices or the quality. =) Boynton Diner just makes me happy, just like a visit to John G’s by the beach…but that’s another post for another day!

Boynton Diner
500 E. Woolbright Rd.
Boynton Beach, FL
(561) 364-1819
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