Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dixie Crossroads (Titusville)

     Whenever my boyfriend and I sojourn up to Orlando, we always stop by and visit Titusville for fresh seafood.  ...Alright, maybe just their rock shrimp!  As much as I <3 their seafood in general, it's the rock shrimp that really attracts us to Dixie Crossroads!  Oh and I am also totally aware that Titusville is north and east of Orlando by quite a bit, but believe me, it's well worth the drive.

     A friend from high school introduced me to Dixie Crossroad back in college.  She had lived in the area for a few years and knew where to find the best food. =)  And honestly out of all my friends, she's probably one of the few whom I can call a fellow "foodie".

So when a group of us went to Epcot for the weekend, I had to introduce my friends to Dixie Crossroads.  I hope they don't think I'm crazy for going so out of the way for food since it was an hour away from where we were staying. ^_^()  Anyways, at Dixie Crossroads they always start you out with their corn fritters.  They are kind of like hush puppies but with real kernels of corn in them and topped with powdered sugar.  Even though they are very simple, they are incredibly addicting.  Beware, the powered sugar ends up everywhere if you aren't careful!


     My friends got the Dixie Spectacular which is 1 Maine lobster, 1 dozen rock shrimp, 1/4 lbs. of scallops, and 1/2 lbs of crab legs for $34.99.  Everything you get can be broiled, steamed, or fried; it's whatever you prefer.  I would suggest getting your seafood broiled so the natural flavor of everything you ordered really shines through.  The subtle notes honestly disappear when you have everything fried and this is coming from a girl who really <3's her fried foods.  They can also add spices during the cooking process if you want such as Old Bay.  I've never ordered anything with the optional seasonings, so I can't comment on how they taste.  The lobster is cleaned and split for you, so there's no need to worry about wrestling with the critter. =)

Dixie Spectacular

Cape Canaveral Special
    My boyfriend and I decided to split the Cape Canaveral Special which is 1 dozen shrimp, 2 dozen rock shrimp, and 1/4 lbs of scallops.  All the seafood was cooked extremely well, nothing was over or underdone. For the snow crab in the Dixie Spectacular you can tell it's cooked right when you snap the legs and the meat just slides out, oh so easily!

     As I said, the main pull for us to frequent Dixie Crossroads is the rock shrimp.  It's a shrimp which doesn't really taste like shrimp, it has a slightly different flavor profile - something more akin to lobster.  Actually all the specialty shrimp (white, brown, pink, royal red, etc.) which are served on a seasonal basis at Dixie Crossroads are all pretty stunning with a myriad of flavor profiles from.  They all have distinctive tastes which thankfully is well described on the special's menu depending on what's in season.  However, the rock shrimp is my favorite by a landslide. =)

Dixie Crossroads
1475 Garden St
(321) 268-5000
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