Friday, February 5, 2010

M&H Café: Because sometimes you just want bubbles! (Boca Raton)

There are several places in South Florida that I know of at which to purchase bubble tea: Lan’s Pan Asian Café (Miami), Lollicup (Palm Gardens), and M&H Café (Boca or Davie). My love and I frequent M&H café the most since we live close by.

The store is right outside of the Town Center Mall in a small shopping plaza. The café itself is so cute, decorated with bright and vibrant colors!


There isn’t a ton of seating, but there is never a lot of people there at one point in time, so it usually isn’t an issue.


As usual, we brought a friend with us (because it’s more fun that way, sharing good food and drink with those around you ^_^). My boyfriend and I ordered our regular bubble teas and our friend had a chocolate bubble tea.


The coconut bubble tea is outstanding! My boyfriend always asks them to put extra powder in his for a stronger flavor. I’m not a huge fan of boba, the tapioca bubbles on the bottom of the teas. They aren’t really packed full of flavor, but they do have a fun slightly chewy texture. However if they are too chewy and tough, they haven’t been cooked thoroughly enough. Thankfully at M&H café, they’re really great at cooking the boba correctly!


My favorite has to be the taro bubble tea though. Yes, I’m aware it’s a non-standard American flavor, but in terms of an Asian flavor it’s a staple. =) Even my non-Asian friends who have tried it have fallen in love with the taste!


As you can see I opt for the lychee jellies, which are not as fun to eat but definitely have a pleasant sweet flavor. Sadly they are a bit harder to suck up through the straw than the boba.

M&H café’s boba tea is definitely oishii noms!

M&H Café
2200 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 544-1008
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  1. Yes...Yummy! I have been at the Glades Plaza store. The drinks are great and I LOVE the panini sandwiches. Boar's Head meat. Excellent place to eat! A must try.



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